Innovation Sprint

From 0 to 100 in a week

Are you eagerly waiting to showcase results? Do you want to give your innovation a blazing kick-start? Or do you have a concept in mind for which it is strategically important that different departments come together, right now?

During an Innovation Sprint, we tackle questions like these. Everyone in one space, all in the same innovative mindset.

The Innovation Sprint comes in two variations:

In the Design Sprint,we work collaboratively to address a specific customer issue.

Interested in assessing the potential of a product? Then consider our  Business Design Sprint.

That's why you opt for an Innovation Sprint


You not only create focus but also momentum for the sprint's subject.


Fast forwards towards concrete follow-up steps.


More people feel ownership, leading to increased engagement

What does it bring?

Design Sprint

Understanding how to identify and assess new opportunities and improvements for existing or new products. You do this collaboratively, even with other departments within your organization.

A developed and tested prototype of a solution for your challenge. Including next steps so you can progress quickly."

Momentum around the topic of the sprint

Team members taking ownership of solutions

What does it bring?

Business Design Sprint

 Prioritized business scenarios

Clarity on proposition positioning and USPs in relation to the market and the competitors

Clear next steps: a roadmap with concrete activities, required skills, timelines, and budget estimates for validating the business scenarios.

Shared ownership: the support and commitment for the solutions found are greater and distributed among more people in your organization.

Time for innovation?

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