Concept Accelerator

From concept to concrete action plan

o you have a clear innovation idea? Do you know which problem you want to address? Or do you have a ready-made assignment for product development? If you want to take steps towards a validated product, then it's time for a Concept Accelerator.

We have developed a structured process to bring your innovation plan to life. In this, an experiment designer and a business designer will assist you in progressing from concept to a validated solution.

What does it bring?

  • A validated proposition including key features.

  • Criteria the solution must meet to add value for your organization and your customers.

  • Advice on aligning the proposition with your organization's business objectives.

  • An overview of concrete business challenges and customer challenges.

  • An experiment roadmap with clear next steps.

Product development - 4 steps within 8 weeks


We look for problem areas. In doing so, we're not only searching for the problems we can solve but also for the right context. The objective? To understand everything as well as possible.


We now know what opportunities are available, but how do you seize such an opportunity? And how do you tackle an existing problem independently? In this phase, we define and prioritize potential propositions. We do this based on a rough business case.

Problem solution fit

We look for evidence of the success of the propositions. There's a concept, but is it worthwhile to invest in it? We answer this question by conducting a lot of experiments. Rapid prototyping and critical assumptions play a significant role in this phase.


We provide a prototype and a roadmap with the next steps. This includes a further elaborated business case. Additionally, you will receive tangible output from us regarding the proposition. Useful for getting colleagues, stakeholders, and customers on board.

Time for innovation?

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