Privacy Statement

MakerLab processes personal data of website visitors, prospects, job applicants and other contacts. We do this in order to best serve our contacts and achieve our goals. In this privacy statement, we explain why and how we process your personal data. We do not have a Data Protection Officer (FG), but we are happy to help you with your questions. To do so, you can contact us at or +31 (0) 20 700 6678. MakerLab is headquartered at Helicopterstraat 15-17-19 (1059 CE) in Amsterdam.

We process the following personal data

First and last name, phone number, (business) email address, job title, contact history, IP address, cookie ID (you can read more about cookies in our cookie statement) and surfing behavior. See specifically the personal data listed under each heading of this statement.

How we use personal data

When using our website and services, you may leave certain information with us. This can sometimes be personal data. What kind of personal data we process is described below.

Explanation and purposes use personal data

Personal data may only be used for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes. MakerLab processes personal data for the following purposes:

Digital communication
Type of personal data: name, e-mail address, phone number.

You can get in touch with MakerLab via email, contact forms or by contacting us by phone. The information we collect is used to answer your questions, set up further communication and provide you with the desired information. We retain other data for as long as is necessary or permitted for the purposes described in this statement.

If you are a customer of MakerLab, we process this data for the performance of an agreement established with you. If you are not a customer, we process this data on the basis of your consent.

Services and contractual obligations
In order to carry out our contractual rights and obligations as efficiently as possible, we process your data, such as for invoicing, keeping track of licenses and fulfilling legal retention obligations. We are legally obliged to retain this data during the contractual relationship and for a period of seven years insofar as this is for the purpose of business documents. Furthermore, we process this data for the performance of a contract with you.

Information and content
Type of personal data: name, e-mail address

Through our websites it is possible to download content and information. We use your data to send you the requested information. We may also use it for commercial purposes, such as informing you about the services offered by MakerLab.

Your data will be kept as long as you wish to receive our communication. We process the data you have provided us with based on your consent.

‍Type of
personal data: name, e-mail address, phone number, address, place of residence, date of birth, LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, motivation.

Through our vacancy pages you can respond to vacancies at MakerLab. We keep your data during the application process and - for unsuccessful candidates - for a maximum of six months after its end. If there is no suitable vacancy, we can then contact you if a vacancy becomes available that does match.

The data is processed on the basis of your permission or in order to take steps prior to entering into an (employment) agreement.

Improving services
We also collect personal data in order to improve our services. For example, click behavior on the website to analyze which articles are read the most.

Research purposes
As part of our services at MakerLab, we focus on supporting our customers in the development and improvement of their products and services. Part of this is the creation and management of websites specifically designed for research purposes. These websites enable us to gather insights for our clients by analyzing website traffic and behavior. In addition, on these websites, if voluntarily provided, we collect contact information from website visitors in order to contact them for deeper research, such as interviews or surveys.

The data collected may be shared with the client for whom we are conducting the research, as part of the insights we provide to them. We process this data based on your consent and keep it for up to 3 months after the study is completed.

Rights of data subjects

Under the AVG, everyone has a number of rights. We do our best to comply with these as best we can. Do you have any tips or comments? Please let us know!

To exercise your rights, please contact us at or +31 (0) 20 700 6678.

  • Inspection
    Of course you may inspect what data we process about you. We are happy to tell you how and why.

  • Correction and addition
    If you feel that we have incorrect data about you, please let us know.

  • Oblivion
    It is possible to delete the personal data we hold about you.

  • Restriction
    If you feel that we are processing your personal data unlawfully or improperly, you can restrict it.

  • Objection (opposition)
    You may submit an objection to the processing of your personal data by us.

  • Transferability
    It is possible to request that we transfer your data to you.

  • Human perspective in decisions
    Makerlab does not use automated decision-making. Your data is always processed by a human eye.

For all rights as mentioned above, it is necessary to contact us at the above e-mail address or telephone number. If, after contacting us, you believe that your rights have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint about this with the regulator, the Authority for Personal Data.

Third-party recipients

We handle personal data confidentially. Personal data we collect may be shared with third parties in some situations in order to provide our services. This may include organizations such as collection agencies, application providers, cloud providers and our accountants.

If we work with organizations that process your data or your customers' data on our behalf, we enter into a processor agreement, to ensure a high level of data security and confidentiality. MakerLab remains responsible for this processing.

A major service provider Makerlab uses is:

  • Google to process email, route and analytics data

When personal data is transferred to a recipient in a country outside the European Area that does not provide an adequate level of protection, we take measures to ensure that your personal data is adequately protected.


MakerLab's website contains a number of links to other organizations' websites. MakerLab is not responsible for how they process personal data.

Profiling and cookies

We use cookies when collecting and combining data.

When you visit our website for the first time, we display a message explaining cookies. We ask you to agree to the use of these cookies.

You can find more information on this in our cookie statement.

Research purposes
As part of our services, we create websites for our clients for research purposes, for which our own customized cookie statement is created. These individual cookie statements are tailored to the specific functionalities and purposes of these websites. For information on the use of cookies on these websites, please refer to the cookie statement available directly on the relevant website.