About us

Putting the 'maker' in MakerLab

This is us. Each and every one of us with our own personality, our own experience and our own skills. Makers and builders, researchers and discoverers, and always 100% collaborators. Pleasant.

We are makers

Not a craft club, but specialists of the artisan kind. Before we really start making things, we like to be sure of our business. So we create tangible proof by doing experiments. Our (digital) protoyping skills help us do that: we build websites, chatbots and GPTs, as well as physical set-ups in a Living Lab. First see, then believe.

We are explorers

We believe the question is as important as the answer. Therefore, we aim to understand people's behavior and comprehend how a business operates. We prefer to choose the right path rather than always moving forward.

We are collaborators

You know your own business better than we do. And we're happy to make use of that. We combine our knowledge with yours and embark on a journey together. In search of the best solution, whatever it may be.

Hunter van Keulen

Lead Experiment Design

Evelien Veldhuijzen

Lead Innovation Design

David Lijnse

Lead Business Design

Mathijs Terranea

Experiment Designer

Experiment designers

Concrete and measurable experiments, that's what it's all about. This is how we demonstrate how your product, service, or process aligns as effectively as possible with the needs of your customers. Thanks to our diverse backgrounds, we can handle just about any aspect.

Our approach

Ben de Jong

Experiment Designer

Jornt van Dijk

Experiment Designer

Maarten van Hoogdalem

Business Designer

Julius Riteco

Experiment Designer

Donald Dingemanse

Experiment Designer

Ellis Bots

Experiment Designer

Wesley Lam

Experiment Designer

Ruben der Kinderen

Experiment Designer

Business designers

Our business designers look at how you turn a concept into a solid business model. What will you earn from it? Is it scalable? Is the market big enough? What can we learn from other concepts? Knowing the answers to these questions makes it a lot easier to make the right decisions.

Our approach

Timo Moors

Business Designer

Elvira Kok

Experiment Designer

Ariëla van Elteren

Experiment Designer

Melissa Kramer

Experiment Designer

Serra Alink

B2B Marketer

Tristan van Doorn

Innovation Strategist

Frederique van Wijk

Operations Manager

Sander Goudswaard


Roderick Martens

Founding Partner


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Sander Goudswaard

Partner MakerLab

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