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The right maker at the right time

Does your team lack the specific skills to take your innovation project to the next level? Do you want to accelerate your innovation process? Or do you need a fresh perspective to spot and resolve your blind spots?

With our experiment designers and business designers, you bring in a temporary injection of expertise and experience. Thinking doers who bridge the gap between strategy, tactics, and operations. They will take you from insight to action, no matter which phase of the innovation process you are in.

We have 2 types of in-house experts:

Would you like to validate the risky assumptions surrounding your solution with an experiment? An Experiment Designer can assist you with that.

Or do you want to prove the viability of your solution by measuring its value and impact? Then meet our Business Designers.

That's why you opt for an In-house Expert

The right experiment

Thanks to our innovation experts, you can be sure that you are deploying the right experiments. This allows you to validate your concept.


From gut feeling to hard results thanks to thorough research.


The concrete steps that are necessary provide you with clarity on what needs to happen and in what order.


Access to all the knowledge and experience of our team. That means 10 years of expertise, a complete knowledge base, and an extensive network.

The Experiment Designer

Our experiment designers determine the correct steps from innovation theory and execute them. This starts with active listening but also involves asking critical questions. After this, they proceed by setting up a suitable experiment to validate or invalidate the riskiest assumptions surrounding your product.

The approach of an experiment designer

Step 1

Examine which problem you're precisely solving and how that can be done.

Step 2

Identifying which solutions have traction with the target audience, and understanding exactly what that target audience looks like.

Step 3

Review which features must definitely be included in the solution to meet the expectations.

Step 4

Searching for evidence of the solution's potential in the market.

The Business Designer

A business designer validates or invalidates the viability of your solution. With a focus on value and impact. Naturally, you want to know whether the market is indeed waiting for it and whether it is technically feasible. But also whether the solution aligns with your organization, whether the business model is sound, and what the best strategy is to make it happen.

A business designer's approach

Business designers are both analytical and creative. The goal? To optimize all facets of the business model. And answer these kinds of questions:

Step 1

What value does the product add for all the involved stakeholders? And how do we express that value?

Step 2

What impact does the development of the proposition have on the organization?

Step 3

What are the critical factors of success? And how will we measure them?

Step 4

Do the value and impact we find meet the expectations and ambition we defined beforehand?

Step 5

Can we say with enough certainty that we want to continue investing in the development of this solution?

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