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We use the Business Impact Model to scale up validatedly.

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Business impact model

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The challenge

Where should we start if we want to scale our concept?

The approach

Together with Centraal Beheer we innovate a lot. Thinking up new propositions, validating them and making them concrete is the order of the day. All within the themes of sustainable mobility, business continuity and sustainable employability. The latter theme has resulted in Lekker Bezig (Being Nice): an app with all kinds of training courses aimed at sustainable employability. Think coaching, mindfulness and a health check. Employees can choose a training course that appeals to them. Directly from their own budget, without intervention from the employer. Very accessible. Alex was asked how Centraal Beheer could best scale this proposition.

Together with the team, he set to work on the Business Impact Model. The central question: if this is your concept, what does the business case look like? It turned out to be quite challenging to find. In fact, the conclusion was that scaling wasn't even on the agenda yet. So, back to the drawing board to determine which functionalities must definitely work to generate revenue. To ascertain this, we conducted a number of pilots with warm leads. 

The input from HR managers and employees formed the basis for a reframing process. We've brought focus to the value streams, looking at what the target audience truly values. Additionally, we determined what is genuinely important for the concept. We've removed the peripheral aspects from the proposition. The plan is still to scale, but in a phased manner. So, not from 0 to 100,000 all at once, but from 0 to 10,000. Step by step, with the Business Impact Model helping us draw lessons from each step. So that, based on that, we can determine and validate the next step. 

The impact

Focus applied to the proposition

A useless investment wasprevented

A proposition whose value has been proven

More insight into the business case for your new proposition?

'By providing focus, it's easier to validate your proposition. And to explore where the opportunities lie.'

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