Business Impact Model

Explore and design the business model of your concept

What is the business impact model?

The Business Impact Model helps you to get a clear view on the business impact of your concept. With this model, you create a clear understanding of value exchange for the customer, your partners and yourself. It exposes the knowns - and the unknowns.

Who is it for?

For anyone engaged in product development or concept development. And who, in addition to a happy customer, also wants to create as much impact as possible for his or her business. Because no matter how awesome your concept may be, if you do not create any added value, it is of little use.

When do you use it?

  • If you have enough enthusiastic customers for your concept, but don't yet know how to market it.

  • When brainstorming different revenue models.

  • When exploring new partners or suppliers.

  • When expanding a product or service to a new market or target market.

Here's how to use the business impact model

Step 1: Place stakeholders

Use the stakeholder cards to give the different stakeholders a place in your model. Place your new concept as a separate start-up in the middle of the model. Put your organization in there as well, but as a customer or supplier. Always place the customers on the right and your partners and suppliers on the left. That way you keep the model clear.

Step 2: Draw all the known value streams

Draw lines between stakeholders and use the value cards to map all value exchanges. Also indicate the exact amount of value and direction of the exchange.

Are there different revenues from multiple types of customers? You can differentiate with different colored lines.

Step 3: Challenge everything

Challenge each stakeholder and transaction. Do they give and receive an equal amount of value? This will ensure that the model is sustainable. Also look for alternative revenue models or revenue streams. This is how you explore how your product or service makes the greatest impact.

Step 4: Park your questions

Do you have questions you don't know the answer to (yet)? Are you working with a lot of assumptions? Are there any risks that still need to be figured out? That's perfectly normal. Park them on the right side of the model. These are the follow-up actions to validate your concept.

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