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The challenge

Help us to properly build and test a second stage online game prototype.

The approach

BNNVARA has the ambition to help Gen Z feel heard by their parents or caregivers when it comes to topics of societal importance. Successfully, a conversation starter has been created in the form of the game "Oordeel". The game utilizes smartphones and audio files.

However, there was still no connection between the game and a program title. Therefore, BNNVARA wanted to create a second, more robust version of the prototype in order to learn on a larger scale where that match could potentially be. MakerLab was asked to assist in designing and implementing this experiment.

We followed the approach of the Concept Accelerator. After a kick-off meeting in which we discussed the context of the game in detail with BNNVARA, we elaborated on the necessary game details in a blueprint. We also designed the specifics of the experiment: what do we want to learn, how will we measure it, and what does that mean for our approach? We recruited respondents via Instagram and tested the game.

The result

  • A truly good prototype: solid, well-programmed, with a functional scoring system, visually appealing, and professional.
  • The right insights to further develop the game and connect it to the right title.

You can find more background information about this project in ourinterview with Maartje van Beuningen, Innovation Strategist at BNNVARA.

The impact

Speed, focus and commitment

A very fun and educational process

Clear sense of "it's going to happen, it's going to happen well, and you know exactly how long it's going to take'

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'I was pleased with the MakerLab team. Everyone is so enthusiastic, everyone thinks along, there is energy in it. And the result provided us with the right insights to further develop this concept as part of a program.'

Maartje van Beuningen

Innovation strategist at BNNVARA


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