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What are Living Labs?

Say you are an innovator dealing with a physical place where people interact with each other and your product or service. Consider a train station, airport, hospital, high school, nursing home or event venue.

It's up to you to make a positive change in this specific place. Like offering train passengers to check in and out using their bank card instead of their ov-chip card. Or helping lung patients get started with digital health care so they can use it more easily and quickly at home. Or supporting schoolchildren with a learning disability.

In that case, you choose "participatory innovation" in a Living Lab.

By exploring and experimenting in your everyday environment, you'll engage directly with the people who matter to you. You learn about the hows and whys of their experiences. In this way, on a small scale, you lay the foundation for sometimes large-scale adjustments.

MakerLab Living Labs

OLVG Amsterdam

How do you help patients use digital tools in their care journey?


How do you improve the user experience at security check and baggage claim?

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How can we introduce a new payment system in public transportation as user-friendly as possible?

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How can we catch up on and prevent learning disadvantages quickly, efficiently and structurally?

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Through a patient-friendly process, how do we ensure that the right care is delivered as quickly as possible?

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